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Communities of Tomorrow, led by Teara Harris, Founder and CEO, is a pioneering force committed to reshaping the landscape of community development. Our mission revolves around fostering inclusive communities with a mix of income levels and uses, challenging the norms, and creating vibrant living spaces.

Teara Harris initiated this endeavor driven by a deep-seated commitment to providing affordable housing solutions. Our reach extends to middle-class families earning between 60 and 120 percent of the median household income, offering a bridge for those falling outside the scope of luxury homes or government-subsidized programs.

Operating in regions such as Georgia, Alabama, North/South Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi,  Communities of Tomorrow specializes in innovative homebuyer assistance programs and dedicated senior living solutions. Our focus goes beyond housing; it's about creating dynamic, interconnected communities that thrive.

For those eager to explore the possibilities of homeownership or delve into our diverse services, connect with Communities of Tomorrow at or call 404.573.6826.

Explore our vision for the future of affordable housing and community development at"


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